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FINatic  Spinnerbait -       When there is no substitute for the old stand-by has put our top of the line expectations into the perfectly tuned standard spinnerbait combinations creating an excellent fish catching tool. The FINatic spinnerbait delivers maximum vibrations, flash, plus a new style weight forward fin head design with 3-D molded eyes. And a variety of colors that flow from the head into the custom designed 100% silicone skirts. 

River FINatic  -  Nationally known as the  $ MONEY MAKERS $ . It's a big bass
bait in a compact size to handle the pressure of tournament waters.  The small
attracts more strikes and the oversized Mustad round bend ultra point hook keeps
fish on. Designed to penetrate and retrieve fish from the bushiest cover. Tracts true
at both high and ultra slow speeds so you can precisely cover more water.

River  FINatic - Double Down  -The secret is out S.B.L. has been building these spinnerbaits as a custom order only.  Tournament anglers need a more aggressive approach to covering water and fishing pressured areas. This design gives the angler a spinnerbait that will cast easier, longer and more accurate.  Also, the smaller blades allow it to get down quickly, stay down and keeps in contact with the cover  when fishing current conditions.

T3 FINatic - (Triple  Willowleaf) -  Is a unique three blade combination that produces a tick and blade hesitation on retrieve to give an erratic action calling fish to strike. Stop the lure and the blades flare, clash and clack  together  getting  the  fishes attention.   With a more than one injured bait fish look, it flutters down to the larger fish feeding off the schooling frenzy.

Rip  Runner  --     Painted down sized blades to give contrast and visibility to a
bass triggering lure that you can cast long distances and retrieve at burning / ripping
speeds.  This look and action is for both largemouth and smallmouth bass when
clear to stain water around aquatic vegetation and bluff banks.

Blade Waker  creates a surface turbulence that plows the water with waves of vibration in a gurgling rhythm that coaxes fish to seek and destroy.  Unique two bladed Colorado configuration combined on one Sampo swivel.  Excels when fished around shallow flats, lay downs, shoreline stick-ups, docks, lily pads and over submerged weeds.  Churn up stained and muddy water.  Fish it traditionally like a normal spinnerbait or Wake it like a buzzbait.  One bait, dual action, Blade WAKER.  See Video on SBL Page.  

Meat Head  This head allows you to fish a smaller profile bait, without roll over. The Meat Head's keel fin and bottem weighted design helps prevent the bait from hang ups and insures the bait will be in a proper position for quality "Money Maker" hook ups.  Making Strictly Bass Lures and you a Meat Head in front of the competition. 

 The Original Money Makers, Fact! 

Custom Shop  Can't find the exact blade combo your looking for or are you in search of a tournament edge.  Then go to our online store and create a one of a kind custom spinnerbait.  Our components, your design, made to order.  Custom Spinnerbaits only at Strictly Bass Lures. 




Stricly Bass Spinnerbaits Catch Big Smallies.

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