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SBL Buzzbaits


STING RUNner Buzz- A low rider buzzbait with an extended stainless steel wire that positions the head below the surface.  Designed to mimic cruising baitfish just under the surface, use a small swimbait or grub to complete the look.  Creating an easy target that will pull up fish from cover and attrack scattered fish.  Yoiu can cast long or pitch short and not just in open water, uniquely shaped frame will also provide fish catching qualities in shallow cover.  Add dimension to your buzzbait concept with another money in the bank (Money Maker) Strictly Bass Lure. One Sting Runner Shad provided.  Also, sold seprately in packs of 7.

Diamond  Buzzbait  -   (the jewel of buzzbaits)- has been designed with a lift efficient head that will pop to the surface quicker,  stays on top of the water at slow  retrieve speeds and glides over fish holding cover.  The diamond wedge shape allows this buzzbait to bump cover without snagging.  Mustad wide bite  needle point hook. This lure will give you some of the best buzzbait fishing ever.

Shadow  Buzzbait - The same fish producing Diamond Buzzbait except this version uses tanslucent or color coated blades.

Cheeter Buzz-   This version of the Diamond Buzzbait uses an oversized blade to stall the fall, allowing the lure to be fished extremely slow.  It also gives instant lift, which helps to eliminate hang-ups when pitching a buzzbait around and into cover.

Shadow Cheeter Buzz  The same fish producing Cheeter Buzz except this version uses translucent or color coated blades.  Use when fishing in low light level conditiosuch as: dusk, dawn, fog, rain and cloudy overcast days to give contrast/ visibility helping the fish to locate and crush the lure.

Rocket  Buzzz -   When your strategy  calls for a long cast made even tougher by the wind in your face. The Rocket Buzzz allows bullet like casting with accuracy to improve your chances of catching those fish. The Rocket Buzzz design has been built around a custom torque buzzz blade that has been down sized for less wind resistance and greater cast ability. Because of the balanced lift efficient head and torque blade it will still rise to the surface quickly to skim over the vegetation. This buzzbait can be speed retrieved without having it roll on its side or slowing it down to do sub - surface buzzing. When you need a long distance top water connection the Rocket Buzzz will cast further than any other have gone.


Custom Shop- Our goal is to provide the angler with an edge.  Tournaments can come down to one more exta bite.  You can create a tournament edge by using our components and your design to make a custom Buzzbait to catch more fish.  The only custom buzzbaits are made to order by Strictly Bass Lures. 


Tournament Tested Results


 Strictly Bass Lures gives them the edge to emerge victorious in two main
event showdowns held on the Ohio River.
 It started with the Plapp's Pro Outdoors Ohio River Rumble Championship (9-15/16-07).
It was a battle to the last round, in second place on day one. After two days of covering
water with a
Strictly Bass Lures buzzbait (Rocket Buzz) and spinnerbait (a proto-type of
 the new 3/16oz. River FINatic Meat Head). They conquered their opponents with a two
day catch of ten fish. A five fish limit each day for a total weight of 18.92 lbs. Winning a
Skeeter bass boat valued at $30,000.00
This is the 5th bass boat that has been won using Strictly Bass Lures.
" Money Makers" Fact!

Ohio River Challenge (9-22-07) the dynamic duo of Mills and Jigger again claim victory. Out
 fishing 57 of the best Ohio River teams and earning $5,000.00 for the tournament win,
$250.00 Ranger Cup money and $570.00 big bass for a total of $5,820.00. Once again covering
water with Strictly Bass Lures they put a limit of five bass in the boat weighing 12.29 lbs. Their
 final weight after culling through seventeen keepers for the one day tournament. All of their fish
were caught on Strictly Bass Lures, buzzbait (Rocket Buzz), spinnerbait (3/16oz. River FINatic
Meat Head) and their two biggest fish were caught on a Strictly Bass Lures In vader Jig.
 And to make their year on the Ohio River even better they won Point Champions in the
Midwest Sportsman Division 17- Tanners Creek, Ohio River team tournament trail. They
accomplished this with three wins and one big bass award for the 2007 season. This makes
the fourth consecutive year they have claimed the Point Champions title in Division 17.

Strictly Bass Buzz Baits are specifically designed to match realworld fishing conditions.  Our innovative designs consistantly catch quality fish.

Get yours online today!

Dan Hiles and Al Linder holding
a Strictly Bass Lures Buzzbait
after a great day on the water
catching bass.

Must be the cool new pro shirts from or the teams new tow vehicle pictured above.  The team was blessed again at Raccoon. As the weather is heating up, so is Team Dully. During Friday practice, the team struggled to get on fish.  Finishing the day without a keeper bite.  We made it to the meeting for a fabulous home made chicken and noodle dinner.  The speaker spoke about how important it is to love your family.  A very spiritually powerful meeting.  When the storm passed through on Friday night, the team prayed for a cleansing change.  We would like to thank our sponsors Gas America and Four County Counseling Center for the opportunity to compete and compete we did.  The Lord blessed us with four quality bites on our Strictly Bass Lure Buzz Baits .  We landed 3 of 4 for 14.83 pounds.  Every fish 4 pounds plus, each a spiritual event to say the least.  5.65 Big Mama Blessing, TOURNAMENT BIG BASS and SECOND PLACE. What a day, Thank You Lord!  The team heads back to Raccoon on May 10 with the North Division.  The team will be staying the course.  See you at the weigh in.  View the Official results and standings at F.O.M. Indiana North and South Divisions website.  Prayers work , BELIEVE!  

Thank you John for the Strictly Bass Cheeter Buzz Baits .  They really paid off for us at our last F.O.M. tournament.  Here are the pictures from the event.

Thanks again and God Bless,  From