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SBL Invader Jig


Invader Jig -   With rattle strap, a unique two rattle system that is part of the skirt collar. The straps allow the rattles to hang free, giving the look and sound of pinchers on a crawfish.  A wedge, arrow head design that creates a versatile stand up jig for flipping, pitching, and swimming. Quality weed guard and fish catching Mustad round bend needle point hook.  Silicone skirts give great action and in a variety of basic or natural forage colors.  The Strictly Bass Invader Jig is the most versitle jig on the market giving value to you the angler.  See the Invader Jig in action in the video on the front page of this site. 
Available skirt colors:

Tournament Tested Results


Strictly Bass Lures earns its reputation again as being
Fish Catchers.  Dan Davidson and partner earns a
NEW  TRITON Bass Boat with there victory at the
Fishers of Men Regional Tournament on Ky. Lake
using the

Strictly Bass Invader Jig.    


           Here are some pictures from the second day weigh-in. I'm the shorter

of the two. You know what jigs we caught our fish on so feel free to tell whomever you like.  We weighed in the three largest fish of the tournament.

They were largemouths 6.25, 4.99, and the smallmouth was 4.88. I will send

you the Articles from the magazines as soon as I get them.  We should get

some better quality photos at our national tournament.  If you would like to post some on the web they would be of better quality than those enclosed.

Thank You for all your help, you make a great product.

Dan Davidson

Strictly Bass Lures gives them the edge to emerge victorious in two main
event showdowns held on the Ohio River.
 It started with the Plapp's Pro Outdoors Ohio River Rumble Championship (9-15/16-07).
It was a battle to the last round, in second place on day one. After two days of covering
water with a Strictly Bass Lures buzzbait (Rocket Buzz) and spinnerbait (a proto-type of
 the new 3/16oz. River FINatic Meat Head). They conquered their opponents with a two
day catch of ten fish. A five fish limit each day for a total weight of 18.92 lbs. Winning a
Skeeter bass boat valued at $30,000.00
This is the 5th bass boat that has been won using Strictly Bass Lures.
 When you are in the ZONE the fishing just gets better. Fishing the Dixie Marine, Billy Backman
Ohio River Challenge (9-22-07) the dynamic duo of Mills and Jigger again claim victory. Out
 fishing 57 of the best Ohio River teams and earning $5,000.00 for the tournament win,
$250.00 Ranger Cup money and $570.00 big bass for a total of $5,820.00. Once again covering
water with Strictly Bass Lures they put a limit of five bass in the boat weighing 12.29 lbs. Their
 final weight after culling through seventeen keepers for the one day tournament. All of their fish
were caught on Strictly Bass Lures, buzzbait (Rocket Buzz), spinnerbait (3/16oz. River FINatic
Meat Head) and their two biggest fish were caught on a Strictly Bass Lures Invader Jig.  
 And to make their year on the Ohio River even better they won Point Champions in the
Midwest Sportsman Division 17- Tanners Creek, Ohio River team tournament trail. They
accomplished this with three wins and one big bass award for the 2007 season. This makes
the fourth consecutive year they have claimed the Point Champions title in Division 17.


Shocked By Invader Jigs!

Jim Rura-Illinois SBL Pro Team