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*New-Hub Skirt easy to install or change on spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, and jigs. The hub keeps perfect strand placement/length and flairs the silicone skirt for an undulating commotion. Install the flat end of the hub towards lure to create a skirt with custom tails. Cut strands ½" to ¾" above flat end of hub to create a finesse/spider skirt. Strictly Bass Skirts- are exclusively designed by us to give our lures a unique color pattern that appeals to bass, giving you an added advantage in competition. From subtle colors and hues to the sharp contrast of bold colors an angler can give fish the impression of a craw, shad, or panfish. The skirts are hand-made from 100% silicone, fine cut into 40 strand/plus skirts, with primary darker colors on top and secondary paler colors underneath for natural imitation patterns that catch bass. The exrta unmatched detail in all our skirt designs means extra Bites for you.  Your edge starts here.