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SBL Perfect Wacky Rig



Wacky Keeper- tired of losing your soft plastic stickbaits, finesse worms, and trick style worms? Problem solved with the Wacky Keeper and it will pay for itself just by the soft plastic baits you save. The Wacky Keeper is a collar that slides over your soft plastics with pre-punched holes that position your hook for a better hooking rate. It also reduces the number of lost or torn up baits when casting and catching fish. A product that will save you time and money, allowing you to catch more fish to become a Strictly Bass Money Maker. 


Wacky Rigs- designed for the perfect presentation. The set-up includes Wacky Keepers and weedless weighted Wacky Hooks. The keeper collar slides over your soft plastic stickbait  to reduce lost and torn baits. The wacky hook is held in position by inserting it through the pre-punched Keeper holes. The Gamakatsu 3/0 hook design improves hook ups, holds fish better and has a durable wire weed-guard allowing the bait to walk through cover or around dock poles. The hook also comes in two weighted sizes 1/32oz. for calm days and 1/16oz. for windy days. This perfected hook and keeper rig will wack-a-bass and the next one, the next one, the next one…

GET WACK'IN With Strictly Bass Perfect Wacky Rig Kit!